14 August 2014

The best reason to keep chickens

For those of us who keep chickens, being near our feathered creatures give us a slice of bliss. I've certainly noticed myself how a sense of calm and being at one with the world descends on me when I'm in our back garden with our chickens.

The best time ever, I think, is when I first started to meditate and to escape the family noise inside I sat in the shade of our garden near the chicken coop. When I opened my eyes, there was my lovely black Orpington sitting as close as possible to me behind her fence, eyes closed, as if she was meditating with me! Talk about vibes!

I'm sure it's not just me who feels that way. Chris Graham wrote in Wisdom for Hen Keepers how you "temporarily lose yourself as you care for them". He went on "After a hard day at the office, or a stressful time running your children here, there and everywhere, twenty minutes losing yourself in their world can be just what the doctor ordered."

There are many reasons to keep chickens, but this, I think, could be the best.

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